Pet Products

About Our Herbal Pet-Ts Line

The benefits of herbal teas are well known and they not only are beneficial for humans but also for animals. Many herbal teas that we love and use to refresh, calm and energize also are great for our four-legged friends. Our pets also need a break in their busy days to recharge or unwind. Just like us, tea also can help calm an upset tummy, relax before and during a trip, re-hydrate after exercise or just get going for a day of activity and fun. Tea also provides some tasty variety for your pet’s daily the water which is so needed for hydration, particularly in the hot Florida weather.

The Pharmacist Choice Herbal Pet-Ts© line we carry at Dragonfly Botanica are all-natural products. Our pharmacist owner insures that our herbal teas are of the highest quality and purity. Some of our Herbal Pet-Ts are blended with natural human food grade and vet-approved flavoring bases designed with the most popular dog and cat taste buds in mind; this encourages your pet to drink hearty others, such as organic catnip, rooibos and peppermint, imported lavender and chamomile are just the herbal tea product sourced from US only companies. All of our products are preservative, caffeine, grain, soy, corn, wheat and gluten free. These are healthy liquids that support your pet’s health and wellbeing made with flavors they love.

How Your Pet Can Enjoy Our Herbal Pet-Ts

Be creative! You know your Best-Buddy’s likes and habits. Does she like to sit with you? Run and exercise? Love a chew or rolling toy? Enjoys cold snacks, treats and ice-cubes? Taylor Pet-T-Time to their routines. Our delicious and healthful herbal infusions can be savored most any time day-or-night. Pharmacist Choice Herbal Pet-Ts can be served room temperature or cold in a wide mouth tea-cup or bowl (yes, there are some very cute pet themed tea bowls out there), as pet-size ice cubes or chips, mixed into their favorite food, added (as liquid or ice-cube) to their water or soak a rope chew toy or mixed in with a chasing toy.

Preparing fine herbal tea for your pet is as easy as preparing fine tea for yourself.

Traditional: For each 8 oz. cup good quality water that has just come to the boiling point and over the tea bag (if the water comes to a full boil let it set for 15 seconds or so to avoid cooking the herbs). Steep for 12 minutes to get all of the flavor and botanical benefits extracted. Remove the tea bag, let cool to at least room temperature and serve.

Tea-And-Treat: Make a tradition of it, sort of like High-Tea. Brew tea as above and serve the tea with one or two of your pet’s favorite treat. Perhaps, having a cup of fine tea and a treat for yourself would be a nice touch.

Iced Tea: Yes, any time is a great time for ice-herbal-tea in Florida. Can make our teas in the traditional way as above and cool in the refrigerator or put into nice sized ice-cube trays. Or you can make as a Sun-Tea by steeping three or four bags per quart in the sun for 2 hours or Coldbrew-Tea in the refrigerator overnight…, yep, make it just like you would do for yourself.

Kicked-Up Water: Make traditional or iced tea and mix in the regular water bowl (try 4 parts water and 1 part herbal tea) to encourage proper needed hydration.

Food Infusion: Make a traditional brew, let cool to room temperature and add some to regular food to increase moisture, give food taste variety and enhance healthfulness of wet or dry foods. Our products are vet-approved and all natural so daily consumption is just fine.

Play Time Treat: Make tea anyway you care to and soak a natural and safe rope pull-toy, chew toy, cat ball or mix with rolling action-toy fillings. This is particularly fun for your cat with our organic catnip and great for your dog with our ginseng Marco Polo blend.

For Dogs & Cats

Chamomile Imported Floral
Imported from Germany or Egypt, two of the most prized chamomile agricultural areas. This loose floral tea can be given to cats or dogs. This traditional floral tea can be used to calm before or during a trip or a situation that causes anxiety. It also can be used for upset digestion and sometimes is helpful for motion-sickness.

Lavender Imported Floral
A beautiful loose floral tea imported from France. Lavender is renowned for its soothing and calming properties. It can be made into a tea, a bedding or cage sachet. We also have a lavender essential oil water spray that can be used on bedding to add a pleasant odor and to calm your friend during anxious times.

Cat Nip Organic Loose-leaf
Certified organic cut high-quality loose-leaf catnip. Cut to the perfect size for brewing, placing in toys or it can be pulverized and rubbed onto scratching posts or other toys. Catnip is well known to help young and old cats energize, play and engage in those cute curiosities that amuse us and keep them active and healthy. Catnip can also be given to dogs. For our canine friends, catnip has the reverse effect. It mellows them out and is the type of herbal tea or toy enhancer that can be used for anxiety or to calm before a trip, a move or for those few bowsers who have a hard time sleeping restfully.

Peppermint Organic Loose-leaf
Peppermint leaves with a bright and intense herbal flavor. Organically grown and processed in Oregon state. Peppermint can be given to both cats or dogs to help with digestion and for occasional stomach and digestion problems

Rooibos Organic Herbal
Our pets have a need to support the body’s ability to remove harmful free-radicals just as we do. This is a delightful organic herbal naturally caffeine free produced from the South African Red Berry. Slightly sweet in flavor and very high in antioxidants it helps your pet keep all body cells healthy.

For Your Canine Companion

Le Grand Wag Herbal Blend Teabags
Blended for our canine friends and packaged in convenient to make and carry teabags. Perfect blend of rooibos, dandelion, nettle, Siberian ginseng, rose hips and blended with natural food grade bacon, salmon and apple flavors. This one will put a swaggering wag to your pet and help stimulate mind and body and help keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy and vibrant.

Marco Polo Herbal Blend Teabags
Blended to help purify and normalize core organs and blood as well as boost energy, focus and inquisitiveness for any adventure. Natural food grade roast chicken, sweet potato and coconut flavors surround the perfect blend of burdock (purifies), hawthorn (heart health) and ginseng (focus and energy).

Ruff Day Herbal Blend Teabags
Our canine loved ones need to relax and refresh after a hard day just as we do. And just like us a nice cup of natural herbal tea is a great way of soothing and calming. Ruff Day is a delicious blend of natural herbs and flavors to help calm anxiety and sooth the stomach. Chamomile, valerian and ginger along with natural blueberry, beef and maple will help your companion relax in a healthy and delicious way.

For Your Purrfect Feline

MeowTopia Herbal Blend Teabags
Such a decedent indulgence for your favorite feline. A blend of catnip, valerian and lemongrass blended with natural bacon, salmon and apple. A tea that is designed to peak playfulness and curiosity and helps with perspiration to make for on Cool-Cat during exercise time.

(* If any health problem continues consult your veterinarian and call immediately if the situation is critical)