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We are a family owned independent business dedicated to enhancing the health and wellbeing of our patients and customers.   

Tea Products

Out of the thousands of teas throughout the world, we select the best grades of tea products to offer to you. Our tea and tea blends are crafted to give you an exceptional experience and support a healthy lifestyle.

We carry over 40 types of products in an ever growing line of teas, tea blends, fruit teas and herbal teas.  We also have matcha products – including matcha packaged in convenient on-the-go packets.

At home in our store in Melbourne, FL, we love to show you how to prepare a great cup of steamy and fresh brewed cup of tea. We have over 40 types of tea, tea blends and herbal teas and some unique blends of our own, like our very popular Yellow & Blue tea that combines our delightful imported camomile floral tea with sumptuous lavender flowers imported from the French Riviera.  If you have a special blend of your own we would be happy to prepare it for you.  If you would like us to prepare a blend for you – sure, just let us know and we will work with you to get it just right.

The amazing aroma of fresh tea leaves, exotic fruits and herbs draw in people from miles around! Our goal is to have satisfied customers coming back to explore traditional and enjoy exotic and unique flavors and experience enticing new teas and blends.  Just like fine wine, fine tea from different plants from different parts of the world have a wonderful range of aromas, flavors and nuances.  Come on in and explore.  

Not sure what tea you like best?  

We will build a conveniently priced customized sample of up to four to six 1 ounce packets for you to take home and try…. 

Essential Oil Products

We now are carry a line of natural essential oil products.  We have several blended oils, including ones for headache and joint massage, immune system awakening and relaxation, as well as ready to use single oils in a convenient roll-on.  We also have fantastically fragrant and soothing linen and body spray waters which are made with our essential oils.  We are ever expanding our oil line but are happy to custom blend to your specification and preferences.

Dragonfly Botanic Tea™ assures our clients that only the best, freshest and healthiest products are available in your favorite flavors, and are prepared for you just the way you like them.

We will help you understand how to prepare your tea quickly and properly to ensure a great tea-drinking experience through personalized consulting services. We want to develop a trustworthy relationship so that we can provide the refreshment, healing or medication services that you are seeking.


Dragonfly Botanica Teas and the Tea Experience

Tea has long been popular in the United States, particularly as a cold beverage. Only recently have Americans treated these nuanced beverages with deeper curiosity, a more refined approach, and wider appetite. Hot teas have gained in popularity as an alternative to coffee products that not only satisfy, refresh and awaken, but also provide a broader range of tastes and parings with food, deserts and hospitality.


Happy Steeping™ (C)

Our teas come from all over the world. Each tea and tea blend we offer is personally tasted and selected. We are very proud of the exacting and demanding selection process that brings our customers the best and most unique teas, and specialty blends.

We not only offer tea products tailored to the American palate, but also highly popular traditional and non-traditional Japanese teas developed for the sophisticated Asian tea palate.

Many of our teas come from one of these main categories of tea: white, green, oolong, and black tea. We also carry herbal infusions, or tisanes, sometimes called herbal and botanical teas which do not contain the camellia sinensis (tea) leaf. These blends have rich complex floral, fruit and herbal flavor palates. Several of them contain no caffeine.

Each type of our tea, tea blend and herbal botanical tea has its own characteristic taste palate and support a healthy lifestyle. The best way to explore our products and find out which of our products are for you is to visit our location in Melbourne FL or chat by phone with us.



Your satisfaction is our satisfaction!

We are committed to customer satisfaction. If you should select a tea or tea blend not to your satisfaction, we will gladly exchange it for another selection of the same or lower price.

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