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Dragonfly Botanica Apothecary and Teas of Melbourne Florida is dedicated to enhancing your understanding of  and your appreciation of fine, high-end teas, tea blends and essential oils that support a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Our shop is located at 6450 N. Wickham Road, Suite 102, in the Outback Steakhouse Plaza, just across from the Brevard Medical City Complex.  We are convenient to many shops and medical facilities.  Our tea shop and apothecary services are available in our shop and through our website.

Tea Products

Tea has long been popular in the United States, particularly as a cold beverage.  Only recently have Americans recognized the range of products available and viewed these nuanced beverages products to support healthy lifestyles.  Hot tea has gained popularity as an alternative to coffee that not only satisfies, refreshes and awakens but is also used for relaxation.  Matcha, whole ground green tea leaves that you mix with everything from water to smoothies, provides the ultimate in smooth caffeine levels and antioxidant content.

We carry a select line of refreshing and tasty high-end teas and tea blends that support a healthy lifestyle.  The teas we carry are of the highest grade and quality.  We regularly stock caffeinated and non-caffeinated teas, several have exceptional anti-oxidant properties.  We not only offer tea products tailored to the American palate but also highly popular traditional and non-traditional Japanese teas developed for the sophisticated Asian palate.  We will help you understand how to prepare your tea quickly and properly to ensure a great tea experience.

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Teas and Blends Designed For American Tastes

Chamomile Natural Organic

Blend of whole flowers & pollen.  Calming & great before sleep.  Well regarded for benefits to calm stomach distress.

No Caffeine      Steep: 4-5 min.

Black Jasmine Tea 

Perfect blend of black & green tea with jasmine flowers.

Moderate Caffeine            Steep 3-4 min.

Cranberry Orange Tea

Flavors of orange, cranberry hibiscus.

Moderate Caffeine  Steep 3-4 min.

Home Sweet Home Spice

Black tea spiced with citrus, almond, clove & cinnamon.

Moderate Caffeine  Steep 3-4 min. hot or 4-5 cold

Mango Fruit Blend

Ruby-red tea with mango flavors & undernotes of rose & hibiscus

No Caffeine      Steep 4-5 min.

Organic Ginger Green Blend

Slow the pace of your day with this relaxing black tea blend.

Light Caffeine    Steep 3-4 min.

Orange Passion Fruit Tea

Blend of fruit & flower pieces with a tropical aroma & taste.   Great hot or cold. Perfect for young tea lovers.

No Caffeine             Steep 4-5 min.

Tropical Green Tea

Light and dark tea with delightful bright pineapple flavors.  Particularly good cold and sweetened with honey.

Moderate Caffeine Steep 2-3 min Hot 3-4 min Cold

Organic Rooibos & African Rooibos With Orange & Hibiscus

Herbal tea is a robust alternative to black tea.  Earthy with delightful trace of nuttiness.

No Caffeine    Steep 5-10 min.

Strawberry Kiwi Fruit

Refreshing bright tea a particular favorite as a cold beverage.

Stands up well to sugar or honey.

No Caffeine  Steep Hot 3-4 min. Cold 4-5 min

White Peach Tea Blend

White tea with peach & natural vanilla.  Rich yellow hue & aroma reminiscent of everything peach.

Light Caffeine  Steep Hot: 3-4 min. Cold: 4-5 min.

French Delight Blue Lavender

From the French Riviera. Blue tea &intense floral taste & aroma.

No Caffeine              Steep 5-6 min.

Dandelion Root Tea Bags

Rich & earthy Organic herbal tea. Supports liver & digestive health.

No Caffeine          Steep 4-5 min.

Turmeric, Ginger & Pepper Tea

Warm & peppery Organic spice blend. Anti-oxidant blend. Supports digestive, joint & cardiovascular health

No Caffeine     Steep 4-5 min.

English & Irish Breakfast Teas

Traditional full bodied heritage teas. English tea is 100%China black & the Irish tea is 100% Assam tea leaves.  Delicious mixed with a few of our lavender flowers!

Moderate Caffeine  Steep 3-4 min.


(Powdered energizing green tea)

Matcha Powder

Powdered whole green tea leaf.  Blend with milk (almond, cow or soy) serve hot or cold sweetened or not.    Excellent in all smoothies! Full antioxidant content of tea.  Highly Caffeinated

Sweet Matcha

Matcha premixed with natural cane sugar.  Great for matcha lattes, iced or mixed with lemonade.

Matcha On-The-Go

100% Organic Green Tea powder in convenient packets for on-the-go energy.  Great for busy folks who want to add matcha to smoothies, water or even soup.

Imported From The Okinawan Blue Zone* 

(*WHO designated areas having high population percentage over 100)

Okinawan Every-Day Green

Gives a beautifully brewed yellow color tea.  High antioxidant level.

Light Caffeine      Steep 3-4 min.

Premium Okinawan High-Antioxidant Green

Lovely vegetal aroma and light yellow color. Highest antioxidant content next to matcha.   Tastes GREAT with honey.

Moderate Caffeine                            Steep 3-4 min.

Apothecary Services

Our goal is to form a personalized and professional relationship with our patients to help optimize your knowledge about medicines, including non-prescription medications, herbals and nutritional product.  We have a comfortable patient consultation lounge where our pharmacist provides a fee-based personalized comprehensive service to review all of your medications with you to insure you are taking medications needed, storing them properly and to help you avoid duplication in therapy and minimize side-effects and dangerous combinations of medications.


We invite you to browse our website call us or visit us at our shop to learn more about our products, services and our teas.

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